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3D animations from DentalMaster

Now it's time for you to create your own real 3D animations,
customized to your patient, in just a few seconds.

3D Artificial Intelligence

DentalMaster has succeeded in developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows you to obtain in less than 20 seconds not only a real 3D interactive  model adapted to the patient’s needs but also incorporates most of the prosthetic restorations adapted to his situation.

This revolutionary 3D Artificial Intelligence comes with additional modules: 

Get 3D DentalMaster Cloud as part of DentalMaster plan

Deliver your patient his 3D interactive treatment planning case in secondes

Step 1: Answer 3 Questions.

By answering  only 3 questions  you provide the necessary information to our Artificial Intelligence 

Step 2: Request our AI system to Analyze your input.

Based on the information supplied our, Artificial Intelligence will analyze between millions of possibilities and create a 3D Model with most of the prosthetic treatment planning adapted to your patient. 

Step 3: Save the relevant Case Image for printing.

Change and adapt the treatment as you wish before saving for printing.

Step 4: Create your document and add our QR code.

Change and adapt the treatment as you wish before saving for printing.

Your patients services

From now on, your patients will receive not only the usual printed plan, but they will also get their 3D animated
customized treatment plan directly on their mobile phone when scanning the QR code.